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You should choose to open it using Java Web Start. The browser will remember your decision; there is also a check box to get the browser to not prompt you in future, but it is safer to not check it until you are sure Java Web Start is working properly. The Java Preferences application allows you to configure runtime settings for Java Web Start applications and Java applets. Some settings for the Java runtime need to be configured so that anything beyond a trivial applet will run well.

The most important is to increase the Java heap size for applets that require more memory MB in the examples below.

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Open the Java Preferences application, and select General. To set the maximum memory size to MB, enter -Xmxm, then click on Save to save the settings. If J2SE 7. Click on the Save button to save the settings. To aid in resolving configuration and start-up issues, it is a good idea to enable the Java Console so you can see any error messages.

Reactivate Java Webstart in Mac OS X

To enable the Java Console, open the Java Preferences application, select the Advanced tab , expand the items under the Java console , and select the Show console option. Select the Basic tab, and select the Show Console option. Canadian Astronomy Data Centre. Overview This page is here to help you get Java Webstart applications to work from your browser.

Mac OS X Installation 1.

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  6. Let us know if you encounter any problems. What is Java Web Start? Java Web Start provides a platform-independent and secure deployment technology. It allows users to start Java applications from a web server. Java Web Start works with any browser.

    Editing JNLP File Associations on Windows 10

    It also makes sure that the application is always on the latest version. Requirements The latest version of Java needs to be installed.

    Running Java Webstart Applications On Mac OS

    Can't start application Most probably your browser is not set up in a way so it knows to send the Java Web Start files. Try downloading the latest version of Java.

    Attaching to Java Web Start | Plumbr – User Experience & Application Performance Monitoring

    Some of the operating system specific tips are listed below. My browser displays the.

    follow Make sure you have Java installed. Linux In Firefox click on Tool and then Options. Click on the Application tabs. The select the action Use Java Webstart Launcher. OSX Download the. Java Web Start will launch, but returns an error or runs poorly Our 3D viewers require 3D graphics support.

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    4. Often out of date or missing video card drivers will prevent the applications from starting or running correctly.